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Info & FAQs

Q: Can I come and look at the Items for hire?

A:Yes, we are more than happy to show you any equipment or decorations before you hire. Trading hours are from Monday - Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm and Saturday- By Appointment Only. Phone:(07) 4927 97 87 or email
Depending on the item you want to look at appointment may be required. Call our office on 07 4927 97 87 to get more information.

Q:What is your booking procedure?

A:You can make a booking through phone or email. We require you to sign our hire agreement and then make a 10% deposit is required on booking to lock in that date for hire or event set up. Full payment is required 7 days before booking date.

Q:Do you have eftpos?

A:Yes we have eftpos facilities available.

Q:What is your cancellation policy?

A:We understand that plans change, and are happy to refund deposits/payments made less a $25.00 administration charge.
Larger bookings over $1000 require a non-refundable 10% deposit. Should your event be cancelled for any reason we would refund monies paid less the 10% deposit.
However all payments are non-refundable for cancellations with less than one month’s notice. Refunds are at mangements discretion.

Please refer to Condition of Hire for more information or call our office on 07 4927 97 87.

Q:Where is your price list?

A:Our prices and availability are subject to change so give us a call/email and get the most up to date information.

Q:When can we expect delivery and pickup of our hired goods?

A:Most people hire equipment for weekend events, so we may deliver Thursday/Friday and pickup Monday/Tuesday. This will vary depending on your needs, the size of your order, our work schedule and the most efficient run we can devise based on other bookings. Mid-week jobs are usually the delivered day before and picked up the day after your event. Our delivery and Pick up schedule can also vary if there is a long weekend or public holiday. More information can be obtained by calling us on 07 4927 97 87. **NOTE: Weekend Delivery and collection and after hours delivery and collection may attract extra fees.

Q:How much does it cost to deliver?

A: There is a $66.00 delivery fee for the Rockhampton region. Please call us on 07 4927 97 87 to get quotes for other areas and out of town deliveries.
Conditions Apply.

Q:Can I pick the equipment up myself?

A:Yes. Depending on the size of your order and your capacity to transport it, pickups can be made from our warehouse. Due to insurance restrictions & safety some equipment cannot be collected and must be delivered and set up by CQ Party Hire Trained staff.

If you are picking up approved hired equipment, you need to consider bringing blankets and ropes / ratchet straps to tie down your load. Our staff will aid in the loading of the hire equipment into your vehicle. Some equipment must be loaded in a certain way (eg: chairs should be stood up to prevent scratching). Our staff will advise on the correct loading to prevent damage and we ask that you load in the same way when you are returning the equipment. Please check latest road rules regarding safe loads prior to collection.

All weekend goods must be collected by 4pm at the latest on Friday and Returned by 4pm at the latest on Monday. If you require the items earlier please call our office to arrange with our staff. Extra fees may apply if items are collected early or returned late.

Also please note that you are saving the cost of a delivery charge by picking up your own hired goods. This does mean that you are responsible for loading and securing your own load.
Please check through your order as soon as possible. You must advise us of shortages on the day of your delivery before your party. It is not acceptable that you tell us that there was a plate missing or a glass chipped on the Monday after your party.

Q. What happens once you deliver the equipment we don't end up using it or the party is cancelled?

A:Any item not used on the day of hire due to changed circumstances or inclement weather conditions will not be refunded or credited. We reserve the right to refuse to provide equipment in unsafe conditions, as decided by CQ Party Hire staff, without refund or credit.

Q: If I book early does it mean I get first preference for delivery?

A: Our delivery and Pick up system is worked out on volume of work and location and date and time of event. The delivery is not based on the order in which bookings are made. Due to the large volume of jobs and huge area in which we operate we are unable to provide exact delivery times. We will do our best to work with you to work out an approximate delivery window. However this can change due to work load, road conditons, traffcie or logistic delays. We will aim to call you prior to delivery if we need access into your house. Every delivery is diffferent so call our office and give us lots of notice for any extra information we need to make delivery and pick ups easy.
If we need to set up a marquee we require a mud map of set up at least one week prior to the event. If you don't give us a mud map or have osmeone present to show us where to place equipment extra fee will apply if we have to relocate the equipment.

Q:Do I need to pay a deposit?

A:For events such as large corporate events and weddings a 10% deposit is required to lock in the date for you. Credit card details must be provided when hiring equipment. No extra costs will be charged to your credit card unless the equipment is lost or damaged and in those cases we always consult with you before taking any action. If damages occur then the costs to repair or replace will be charged as per our standard terms & conditions of hire (available on our website).

Q:How can I pay for equipment and services?

A:You can pay by Eftpos or cash at our office, directly into our bank account at a bank branch or via internet banking or by credit card over the phone (Except AMEX). Always use the Invoice Number as reference.

Q:Why is a credit card number required by CQ Party Hire?

A:We take your credit card number as security on our goods. By signing our terms and conditions you have approved us debiting this card if items are damaged, unclean or not returned. Under no circumstances will it be debited for any other reason and the number will not be supplied to anyone else.

Q:Do I need to wash the linen before returning?

A:No, the washing of the linen is included already in the hire price, a linen bag will be provided for any linen items and must be used (no plastic bags due to risk of mould). Extra cleaning charges WILL apply if the items are extremely dirty or mouldy. Replacement costs will be charged if candle wax or burn holes are on the linen. All Linen include "Conditions of Hire" and we can email it to you prior to your event.

Q:Do I need to wash glassware, crockery and cutlery when returning?

A:Yes. Items that are returned dirty a $.45 per item cleaning fee will apply. If the items are returned clean the normal hire cost will only apply.

Q:What happens if we don't return items on the day required?

A:It is better to keep us informed if there is a problem returning dry hire items. We have the right to charge extra rental on overdue items. These charges will be debited to your credit card as per our terms and conditions.
If you don't let us know and we cannot get in contact with you extra fee will apply.

Q:Can we move items to another location?

A:No, all items supplied by us are not to be moved or dismantled unless you have written approval from us. This does not relate to items deemed a dry hire item.

Q:What time will CQ Party Hire come in to set up?

A:Depending on the venue and the start time of your event, we will either set up the day before or on the morning of the event. Please supply us with accurate information on when the event starts and finishes. We can let you know approximate times only on the day of delivery but that can change due to hold ups, traffic & road conditions.
Always let us know your exact start time so we an schedule it in accordingly. If your event is on saturday and we are delivering for you on friday we need to give all friday events priority. We aim to delivery a day prior but this can change due to our bookings.
Your hire fee starts 1 hour prior to your event.

Q:Do you do late night or Saturday / Sunday Pickups after the event?

A:Yes we do both Saturday / Sunday and late night picks ups although a fee will apply. Please contact our staff to discuss this if required.

Q: Are your prices on your website current?

A: The prices listed on our site are updated as much as possible.

Q:Are the prices listed on the site a 'daily hire' rate?

A: Typically the majority of our business occurs over the weekend. The rates listed on the site are for a weekend rate (pick-up/delivery Friday, and return/collect Monday). Hire periods during the week vary. If you require items on a longer term basis please call our office to get a quote.

Q:If I damage/lose an item, do I have to pay for it?

A:Yes. As soon as you take possession of the item, the wellbeing of that item becomes your responsibility. If the item is damaged or lost whilst in your possession, you will incur the replacement / repair costs.

Q:What are the replacement costs?

A:Naturally, this is dictated by the specific item. If you are concerned about replacement costs, please ask our staff prior to hiring.

Q: Once I place a booking is it final?

A:No. A staff member will contact you via email as soon as possible advising you of the availability of the items, and a final price for the order. For large orders we require final numbers 7 days prior to the event.

Q:You have most of the items I need, are you able to get the others?

A:Naturally, it is sometimes easier to get everything for your function from the one place. We can usually cross-hire a particular item if we do not stock it, to complete your order for you. We'll deliver it with the rest of your items, or have it ready at our store for collection. We also offer free advice on where you can get items we don't have. Contact us for more information.

Q: Do your prices include GST?

A: Every price we quote you has GST included.

Q: I have ordered a marquee to be erected by CQ Party Hire. What Preperations do I need to make before delivery?

A: If you have ordered a marquee to be delivered you will need to prepare the area. Move all pot plants, clothes lines, cubby houses or anything that is in the location of where the marquee is to be erected. Trim overhanging branches and mow the lawn if necessary. Mark out the location of the marquee (with marking paint or anything handy). If possible mark the location of any underground pipes, cables or other services. On the day of delivery please ensure any vehicles or other items restricting entry of our delivery vehicle are moved.

Q: Can I attach decorations to CQ Party Hire Marquees?

A: It is extremely important to not use streamers or other water colour based products. If wet they will stain not only the marquee fabric, but also chairs, tables, etc, and this staining does not come off. It is not always rain that can cause this. Condensation in the morning can cause streamers inside the marquee to be saturated.

Stickey tape, staples, pins, etc, must never be used on our marquees. If stickey tape (or any tape that leaves a residue) is used then a cleaning fee per centimetre will be be calculated based on the length of tape used. Staples and pins that pierce the roof or wall material of the marquee cause damage that is unrepairable. A cost to cover damages will be charged.

The full cost of repairs will be passed on to the customer. By accepting delivery of your marquee, you are accepting our terms and conditions.

Q:I have broken items. Do I need to return the broken glass?

A: Please do not put cracked, chipped or broken glass back into the box for pick up. We handle the glasses numerous times once you have returned or we have picked up your glasses and this presents a safety risk. You can contact our office to advise of breakages or tell the delivery driver when they come to pickup you order. Once your order is back at our depot we will thoroughly check and count the items and then charge for damages accordingly.

Q:Do I need to wash glasses, plates or cutlery before I use them?

A: No. Everything is washed in a commercial dishwasher and packed ready for you to use.

Marquee Hire

What size marquee will I need?
There are many factors to consider when determining the size of the marquee required for your event. Some factors that need to be considered include:

  • Available space to fit the marquee.
  • The type of event, e.g. wedding, birthday party, corporate event etc.
  • The number of expected guests.
  • Whether the guests will be seated at tables.
  • If so, what style of tables you prefer (Round or Rectangular) - Don't forget that a bridal / formal head table will take up more space than your guest tables.
  • Whether you require a stage, dance floor, buffet tables or other furniture in the marquee.

Our helpful sales consultants will suggest the appropriate size based on your personal needs.

How do I know if my site is suitable for installing a marquee?

Most surfaces are suitable for installing a marquee. Usually we use pegs driven into grass surfaces or natural ground, but on surfaces where marquees cannot be pegged into the ground (such as on paving, concrete or asphalt) weights can be used. There is a small additional charge to place and remove these weights.

Slushie Machines

Am I required to clean the slushie machine?
We only require for you to rinse the slushie machine with fresh water. One of our cleaners will do the actual cleaning of the machine at our warehouse.
How long does the mix take to freeze?
It takes approximately one hour to freeze the mix if you pre-chill the water and mixture and up to two hours if you use non-chilled water.
Do I get some recipes for the slushie machine?
Yes, If you call our office we can email you some sample recipes and instruct you on how to use the machine.

Any other questions?
Call 07 4927 97 87 or email and our friendly staff will answer any questions you may have.