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Slushie / Daiquiri Machines > Slushie / Cocktail Machine



- Twin 10L barrel machine approximately 50-55 x 200ml serves per side.

- Price includes delivery within Rockhampton (some conditions apply).

- Includes 2 x 2L of two non- alcoholic flavouring with hire.

Slushie Flavours:
Red Creaming Soda
Mango Granita
Blue Lemon
Pine Lime

Cocktail/Mocktail Flavours: (does not include alcohol)
Strawberry Daiquiri: Recommended spirit: White Rum
Fruit Tingle: Recommended spirit: Vodka
Lemon Margarita: Recommended spirit: Tequila
Sex on The Beach (cranberry, peach & cointreau orange) Recommended spirit: Vodka
Cosmopolitan (cranberry, cointreau orange & lime) Recommended spirit: Vodka
Caribbean Crush (tropical blend) Recommended spirit: White Rum
Pina Colada (pineapple & coconut) Recommended spirit: White Rum
Blue Hawaii (peach, lemon & Blue Curacao orange): Recommended spirit: Vodka
Melon Splice (melon, pineapple & coconut) Recommended spirit: Vodka

Additional individual flavours 22.00 per litre of extra flavouring.
Flavours are subject to availability - please contact office for more information 07 49 27 97 87.

Mid-Strength: (3.4% to 3.5% alc/vol)
2L Cocktail flavour Slushie mix
1L Vodka, White Rum or Tequila at 37.5% alc/vol
7L Water

Full Strength: (4.8% to 5.0% alc/vol)
2L Cocktail flavour Slushie mix
1.4L Vodka, White Rum or Tequila at 37.5% alc/vol
6.6L Water

Mocktails: (Non-alcoholic)
2L Cocktail flavour Slushie mix
7L Water

Slushies: (Non-alcoholic)
2L Granita flavour Slushie mix
8L Water