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Balloon Decoration > Click here for Helium and Air filled balloon decoration

With a full balloon inflation station at CQ Party Hire Store, helium balloons, party balloons and party Décor are our specialty:

* Helium Balloons / Party Balloons
* Centrepieces
* Baby Gift Boxes
* Dancing Balloon Buddies
* Themed Party Products
* Milestone Decorations / Accessories
* Costumes and Accessories
* Piñatas
* Banners / streamers / Blowouts / party poppers / Plastic ware and more.....

These prices are Pick up only.

We do deliver so please call our office on 07 4928 9800 for more information.

3 Bunch of Balloons

3 x 28cm Latex Balloons filled with Helium
Hi float for extra floating time
3 x Ribbons to suit
1 x Weight

4 Bunch of Balloons

4 x 28cm Latex Balloons filed with Helium
Hi Float for extra floating time
4 x Ribbons to suit
1 x Weight

5 Bunch of Balloons

5 x 28cm Latex Balloons filed with Helium
Hi Float for extra floating time
5 x Ribbons to suit
1 x Weight

6 Bunch of Balloons

6 x 28cm Latex Balloons filed with Helium
Hi Float for extra floating time
6 x Ribbons to suit
1 x Weight


7 Bunch of Balloons

7 x 28cm Latex Balloons filed with Helium
Hi Float for extra floating time
7 x Ribbons to suit
1 x Weight

Other Balloon Arrangements


1 x Foil (45cm) and 3 x Latex @ $25

2 x Foil (45cm) & 5 Latex @ $45

1 x Foil (45cm) & 6 Latex @ $65

....................Please visit US AT 28 Chappell Street, North Rockhampton for more Balloon Decoration.


Here are some sampel of Air Based Decoration we can do.

You choose the colours and balloons and we can come up with a style to suit your occasion.


Air Based Balloons are cost effective and ideal as they can remian inflated with air for months if placed away from heat and direct sunglight, giving you extra mileage for your event.





$39 (2 x number centerpiece & 1 x single layer centerpiece)


This is an example of Air-Filled 14" Mini Monkey.
It also comes in Teeny Tiger, Little Lion, Wee Zebra, Tiny Toucan, Little Elephant, Cute Crocodile, Tiger Head, Happy Hippo, Fuzzy Penguin, Whale, Pink Dolphin, Blue Dolphin, Owls, Unicorn, Fairy Godmother, Pirate Ship, Jolly Roger (Pirate), Fighter Jet, Motorcycle, Sports Car, Black Chopper.

$12.95 ea




$50.90 ea


$25 ea

$15 ea (Gumball)

$40 - Daisy Cow

$15 ea


$15 ea - Pufball with Foam Spray (We have many styles for all ages and themes)


$18 - Pufball with patterend balloon (many themses and patterns to choose from)

2 x Regular Pupballs (No Foam) @ $24 - ($12 ea) 1 x Pufball Foam @ $15 ea


$21 ea


BALLON DROP NET - 250 Balloons

Balloon Net for hire,



$10 ea




6 x Towers, 5 x bunch of latex, 1 x Foil @ $60


Balloon Dance floor



Number: $35 includes Helium and Choice of Number

Letter: $35 inlcues Helium and Choise of Number





Example of Using Link-a-Loon Balloons

Combination of Air & Helium Filled Ballon



Helium Dangers

Helium inhalation - IT IS NO LAUGHING matter -Article courtesy of BOC Gases

Have you ever been to a party and inhaled helium in an attempt to sound like Donald Duck?

If so, you have probably put your life at risk!

Evidence has proven that the inhalation of helium can be fatal, yet thousands of party goers continue to inhale helium thinking it to be incredibly funny rather than life threatening.

The inhalation of helium cuts off a persons supply of oxygen and can cause dizziness, unconsciousness and ultimately death!

Doctors around Australia are concerned about the health risk associated with people inhaling helium. This is a particular problem when people are inebriated and their system is already contending with an outside influence.

According to Consultant Occupational Health Physician, Dr Greg McGroder, "Australians have not yet realised the extreme danger associated with helium inhalation".

If the concentration of oxygen is decreased below 18% within the human body, symptoms and signs of Asphyxia can occur.

Helium gas can totally displace the available oxygen and if this is maintained for even a few seconds, asphyxia and death can and will occur.

In 1898, fifteen year old Michelle Moreno from Texas died from helium inhalation at a friends party. Her death caused major headlines regarding the dangers of helium inhalation.

In Australia, Kristi Brash from Victoria had a near death experience when she appeared to freeze and turn blue after inhaling the entire contents of a balloon.

Kristi fell motionless to the floor but luckily regained consciousness after a few minutes.

Kristi was rushed to hospital and after examination she appeared to be find although any long term affects of the inhalation are yet to be.

It is possible to choke or be suffocated by an un-inflated balloon or piece of burst balloon or ribbon attached to balloons, please keep them away from children under eight and animals.



Children under the age of eight (8) years with balloons should be supervised at all times.

* Always use a hand pump [or similar] to inflate balloons

* Adults should inflate balloons for children under the age of 8 years

* Never put a balloon, or piece of a balloon, in or near the mouth

* Inhaling helium can cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness and death

*Under no circumstances inhale helium from a balloon or helium tank

* Always discard broken balloons and ribbon safety

* When handled responsibly balloons pose no threat to health, wildlife or the environment

CQ Party Hire cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury following the mis-use of balloons.



Balloons are made of 100% biodegradable latex, which "breathes" and breaks down over time.

Latex balloons should only be released into the environment with care however ribbons and seals are not biodegradable and should always be discarded correctly.

If you are releasing balloons, use a crepe paper or cotton ribbon that will biodegrade.

The quality of the latex will determine the durability and appearance of inflated balloons.

Balloons purchased from a supermarket are generally OK for air fill, but either too small or lacking in quality for helium filling.

As helium is the most expensive component of your balloon decorating, don’t waste your money buying cheap balloons to use with helium gas - you are likely to be disappointed. Store balloons out of light and away from heat to maintain their quality. Leave them sealed in the packet until needed.



Balloons filled with air will last for days to weeks, and can be filled the day before your function.

Balloons filled with helium gas usually last l ation the day before to determine the flying time of the balloons under your conditions. ess than a day, and need to be inflated on the day of your function. If you are DIY, always do a test.

Flying times will depend on the size and quality of the balloons, and the conditions on the day you inflate them.

A standard size helium balloon is 28cm (11") and should fly for 12-18 hours, but this is highly dependant upon local conditions.

Balloons are adversely affected by heat, wind and sun, so keep them in a cool, dark place until needed. Australia is a hot country, so I am always conservative with balloon flying times, and any extra is a bonus.

Dont leave helium filled balloons in your car while you shop for the party pay the extra for delivery or DIY at the venue just before the function.

CQ PartyHire use premium quality balloons because they consistently perform better whether filled with air or helium. They have a more uniform shape and size, are less likely to break, and the neck is longer to allow easier tying off. I only use balloons made in Australia and America for balloon decorating, such as Premier (Australian) or Qualatex (American).

If you need a cheap balloon, try the Alpen 25cm balloons, which are smaller than recommended for helium filling, but give reasonable performance (around 6-12 hours flying time with gas).

Alpen 30cm balloons give quite good performance when filled with helium, but their neck is short which makes tying difficult. Be careful not to over-inflate lesser quality balloons, as larger than recommended size will have a much higher breakage rate than better quality balloons.


Latex balloons come in an enormous range of colours, sizes and prints.

Printed balloons are available for all age birthdays, and every other event imaginable.

Balloons are printed in two directions: neck down for helium gas fill or air fill on sticks, and neck up for air fill only with the balloon hanging down.

At CQ Party Hire we make sure the print direction will suit the purpose, or they may be upside down!

Balloons printed neck down for helium fill can also be air filled and placed on cups and sticks.

These balloons will not fly, but can be used to make table centrepieces or topiaries.

CQ Party Hire can make professional topiaries and table centre pieces for you at a reasonable cost, ensuring your function day is hassle free.



A bunch of 40cm balloons is triple the size of the same quantity of 28cm balloons, with three times the impact, without being three times the price. Obviously, the bigger the balloon, the longer it will fly with helium.

Air filled balloons make fantastic topiary balls, either hung from the ceiling or placed over a stick or pole.



Your decorations will look more professional if all balloons are the same size, and sizing is crucial for flying time with helium filled balloons.

Overfilling balloons stretches the latex and allows gas to escape more quickly.

it also makes the balloons pear shaped and harder to tie off. Under-filling affects the spread of colour over the balloon, and will severely affect the flying time.

At CQ Party HIre we sell the disposable helium tank as well as hire out the bigger helium tanks.


MYLAR BALLOONS (Foil Balloons):

Mylar balloons or foil balloons can be filled with helium gas or air.

The minimum sized foil suitable for helium is 45cm (18") and these will fly for 1-2 weeks.

They can also be refilled, as most brands have a self-sealing valve. Smaller foils are air filled and heat sealed, usually sold on a stick by florists and party shops and can last for years.

The larger foils can be air filled and attached to the wall with velcro or tape, or hung from the ceiling with ribbon.

However, if you want them to fly, you will need to fill them with helium gas, preferably early on the day of your function, or the day before. Unlike latex balloons, a fault in the foil balloon may not be apparent for some time after filling, so inflate well in advance of the party. If you are purchasing foil balloons already inflated request that they be done a couple of hours before collection or delivery to ensure they are OK.

CQ Party Hire routinely fill foil balloons the day before a party to ensure they are in perfect condition.

Foil balloons come in a huge range of colours and styles, and include helium shapes and airwalkers. The most popular brands are Betallic, CTI, Qualatex and Anagram, all manufactured in America.

They are available in age prints and shapes from 16 to 100, Happy Birthday, Anniversary, Engagement, Wedding, Retirement, Welcome Home, Baby, Get Well, and every other conceivable event.

A foil balloon can be tied to a gift, the back of the birthday persons chair, or at the centre of a balloon bouquet. Children and adults both love to receive balloons on their birthday or in hospital - they are a long lasting gift or decoration, and both take up less space and are much cheaper than flowers!



Helium from Balloon Decorations should never be inhaled by anyone under any circumstances. It is an asphyxiant and can kill.

Any balloons/decorations and attachments are not toys and children should not be left unattended with them at any time.

Any burst/broken balloons, stray bits of ribbon or anything else that becomes detached from the balloons or the balloon decorations should be immediately cleared up and removed as these could become choking hazards.

We only use the top quality Latex Balloons & Microfoil Balloons. Balloony Balloons cannot accept any responsibility for any allergic reactions that may occur as a result of the balloons used in your balloon decorations.