Helium Tank Hire


Helium Tank Hire
Includes regulator

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Ensure your party is a success with one of our DIY helium balloon tanks. Available in four different sizes, CQ Party Hire supplies premium grade helium with 99% helium purity versus balloon gas (disposable tanks) that can be diluted with up to 5% nitrogen or oxygen. Tank hire includes inflation regulator. Contact our office for more information.

Balloons Inflation and Floating Times
– The recommended number of balloons obtained from any gas cylinder is based on using good quality balloons 26 – 28cm in diameter. If the balloons are larger than this, it will reduce the number of balloons obtained from each cylinder.
– Helium quality latex balloons will last approximately 12 hours however extreme temperatures will reduce float time.
– Foil balloons will last an estimated 7 – 10 days – must be 40-45cm or larger to float.

Helium Balloon Safety
WARNING Do not inhale helium. Inhaling balloon gas can cause death.
– The inhalation of helium cuts off a person’s supply of oxygen and can cause dizziness, unconsciousness, an embolism and ultimately death!
– Helium is a non-flammable gas. The gas is inert (doesn’t react to anything), it’s non-toxic, colourless, odourless and tasteless.
– We always recommend using helium gas in a well ventilated area to reduce the danger of asphyxiation.
– Supervision amongst children is encouraged at all times.

Transportation and Storage of Cylinders
– Transport securely and upright without regulator attached. (1 cylinder per enclosed vehicle).
– Store securely and upright in a dry safe place
– When cylinder is not in use turn cylinder valve to closed and relieve the pressure on the regulator by tilting the nozzle up or down.

Environmental Policy
– CQ Party Hire strongly discourages the intentional release of all balloons into the air when filled with helium or compressed air.
– Please ensure they are tightly secured to a weight, popped and disposed of properly.


Price is based as a per day rate, Fri-Mon charged as one-day rate. You may collect most items from our warehouse at 148-154 William St Rockhampton. Delivery prices start at $66.00 within Rockhampton, please contact the office for full list of delivery locations and rates. Set up fees may apply to some items. To view our full hire agreement terms and conditions please click here.


50 Tank, 100 Tank, 300 Tank, 800 Tank

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