Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Definitions
a) ‘Customer’ refers to person, company or firm or any person authorised or employed by said company or persons who enters into this agreement on behalf of the Customer.
b) ‘Equipment’ means the goods specified on the Hire Quotation and Booking Agreement.
c) ‘Supplier’ means Event Solutions Group including Stage & Audio Event Solutions, CQ Party Hire & CQ Party Hire Gladstone, its employees and agents.

Hire Quotation and Booking Agreement
This quote and pricing is valid for 30 days or until written confirmation and 10% deposit is received.  Equipment is not reserved until written confirmation and deposit/payment is received. The Hire Quotation and Booking Agreement is a quotation only and that the pricing provided may vary subject to availability of Equipment. Quotation includes GST and State Stamp Duty where applicable. This quotation does not include accommodation or any equipment or services not listed within the Hire Quotation and Booking Agreement. The customer acknowledges that this rental is subject to the terms and conditions of the Event Solutions Group Agreement. In particular, that the Equipment is NOT covered by Event Solutions Group’s insurance and that additional charges will be incurred for late returns, dirty, or damaged equipment. Equipment not returned will be regarded as stolen.

Confirmation and Payment
To confirm your booking please sign the agreement and email back to your Event Specialist.  To reserve the equipment, Event Solutions Group requires either payment in full or non-refundable deposit of 10% of the total amount of your booking.   The balance of the amount owing is due 2 weeks prior to commencement date.  Bookings made within 2 weeks of commencement date do not require a deposit, payment must be made in full. Failure to pay in accordance with these terms will incur interest amount owing at 2.5% per month from the due date of payment and calculated on a daily basis, together with any costs incurred by Event Solutions Group in recovering the amount owing, including but not limited to all legal costs and collection agency fees.

Final Details
Equipment, numbers and final details must be finalised 1 month prior to commencement date of your event. No changes may be made after this date. If required additional equipment may be hired if available and invoiced separately for payment. Please check your final proposal carefully to ensure that your requirements are correct.

Cancellation Fee
Supplier may cancel booking at any time. If the Customer cancels hire for any reason including weather or pandemic event prior to one month before your event, payments will be refunded less 10% deposit. If Customer cancels hire for any reason within one month or commencement date of event, a cancellation fee of 50% of total invoice will be charged. If hire is cancelled after delivery and set up of equipment, full invoice is to be paid. Refunds will be at the discretion of Event Solutions Group management. If Supplier is unable to supply equipment quoted for any reason, a suitable replacement will be provided instead. In the unlikely case of a suitable replacement not being available, it is at management’s discretion to provide either credit or refund.

Use of Equipment
The Customer acknowledges that they have received adequate instruction on the correct use of the equipment which includes demonstration or verbal or written instruction. Equipment must be used for purpose intended. The Customer accepts full responsibility for the care and use of the Equipment during the period of hire. The Customer is responsible for the provision of adequate security 24 hours a day to prevent theft and and/or damage to the Equipment from arrival on site to its return.

Faulty or Missing Equipment
The Customer is responsible for any loss or damage to the Equipment during the period of hire, except loss or damages are results of reasonable wear and tear or inherent defects with the Equipment. In the event of breakdown of, faulty or missing equipment the Customer must notify Event Solutions Group by calling the office and if necessary being transferred to the afterhours number left on answering machine. Where such a claim is admitted Event Solutions Group must be given the opportunity to inspect the equipment prior to the commencement of event. Event Solutions Group will endeavour to either repair or replace equipment within 2 hours of call out. If this process is not followed, faulty or missing equipment claims admitted post-event may not receive full refund. The Customer shall not attempt to repair, replace, substitute or alter the Equipment without Event Solutions Group’s prior consent. If Equipment is found to be faulty due to Customer misuse, the Customer will be liable for the repair costs and call out fee of $88.00 incl. GST.

Cleaning Fee
For safety of our staff & also to adhere to health and hygiene guidelines, all hired Equipment must be rinsed of all food and beverage. This includes but is not limited to cutlery, crockery, glassware, bain maries, slushie machines and other catering equipment. Please ensure Equipment is properly packaged and travelled. Breakages, missing and damaged items must be paid for in full. We do not accept any substitutions. Any non-removable marks found will be charged for the cost of replacement. The Customer is not entitled to any refund of the price if items are returned unused or early. Cleaning Fee will apply at $100.00 incl. GST. per hour if items not returned to our satisfaction.

Hire of linen and material items includes cost of professional laundering – do not wash items prior to return. Ensure linen and material items are dry, clean from loose food, dust, decorations, glitter/confetti etc. and stored in linen bags provided by Event Solutions Group. Linen must not be placed in plastic bags as it may be attacked by mildew and will then be chargeable at the full replacement cost. Items which have been permanently stained or damaged may be charged for full replacement cost. This includes but is not limited to stains and damage caused from ink, wet crepe paper, coloured candles and candle wax, vomit, grease marks, mud, concrete dust and other permanent damage to fabric. Chair sashes must be un-tied before return or cleaning fee will apply.

Delivery of Equipment
When Event Solutions Group is delivering Equipment, the time of delivery and collection of equipment will be agreed upon prior to commencement of hire. Where possible, the Customer shall be on site when Event Solutions Group delivers and collects the hired Equipment. If Customer is not on site specified at time of delivery or collection, Event Solutions Group shall unload or load Equipment in your absence. Our assessment of quantities and condition of hired equipment delivered or collected by Event Solutions Group in customer’s absence shall bind customer. Customer should stack hired equipment ready for collection on site, specified in schedule, at a position which is readily accessible to collection vehicle. Where possible, the customer will provide vehicle and trolley access so as to facilitate the loading and unloading for all hired goods. The Customer must advise of any unusual delivery conditions, ie. dangerous dogs, steep driveways, lots of stairs, etc. If we are not advised of these conditions in advance and are unable on the day to deliver the items due to physical circumstances, there will be no refund or credit of items.

Out of Town Deliveries
Where the Customer engages Event Solutions Group to provide services more than 50km from warehouse, the Customer must supply at their own  cost, accomodation as definied in awared: Suitable accomodation will mean modern type accomodation with bath or shower room and toilet facilities therein, and where possible, unshared.

Conditions of Site
When Supplier is to erect hire equipment, the hirer will give Supplier full and accurate details of all underground obstructions and rock base, and/or all installations for electricity and water and gas drainage, and other things in/or under site at which hired equipment is to be erected by Supplier, when such erection is part of the hire contract. If hirer fails to properly inform Supplier, or misinforms Supplier, then hirer shall be solely liable for all damage resulting therefrom. If hirer’s failure to properly notify results in delay in erecting hired equipment, additional erection time shall be paid for by hirer to Supplier at rate of $55.00 per hour per staff member on site.

Interruptions on Site 
Should Event Solutions Group staff be interrupted or delayed in their delivery or setup/collection of Equipment due to delays or interruptions caused by the Customer or their representatives, suppliers, venue, contractors or agents, Event Solutions Group may charge a stand down fee at the rate of $55.00 incl. GST. per hour per staff member on-site until they can resume work.

If discounts are stated in your proposal, Event Solutions Group reserves the right to adjust the discount if you make any deductions/changes to the equipment noted in this proposal. We understand the importance of listening to our customers and working together to create an individualised package to suit your budget and style. In the event that you find another quote of similar items at lower price, please let us know right away. Event Solutions Group will endeavour to match or better competitor’s quote. Itemised copy of competitor’s quote is required. Discounts are at Event Solutions Group’s discretion.

The Customer agrees to indemnify the Supplier from and against any claim, action, proceeding, judgement, damage, loss, cost, expense or liability whatsoever incurred or suffered by or brought or made or recovered against this Supplier to the extent that the same arises or is connected with or all actions by the Customer, its representatives, partners or agents and any or all of its third party contractors or suppliers except where such loss liability results from the negligence (error or omission) of the Supplier, their officers, staff, servants or agents. The Customer will be liable to the Supplier regardless of any other contractual arrangements that they have entered into with third parties either known or unknown to the Supplier except where such loss liability results from the negligence (error or omission) of the Supplier, their officers, staff, servants or agents. (The Supplier recommends that all contractors, riggers, staging and roofing companies be required to hold full and comprehensive insurance. It is in the Customer’s best interests to have sight of such policies from the commencement of the event).

Acceptance of Quote
Signed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Hire must be received by the Supplier prior to the commencement of the provision of Equipment or services. In the event that Equipment or services are provided by the Supplier prior to receiving written acceptance, the absence of any written objection to such provision shall be deemed acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Hire as set out above.  Any payment made towards booking shall also be deemed acceptance of the terms and conditions. The laws of Queensland, Australia, shall govern the terms and conditions of this agreement and it is agreed that at Rockhampton, Queensland provides the appropriate venue for any action due as a result of any dispute or breach of agreement between the parties arising hereunder.

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