Marquee Weddings

Planning a Marquee wedding? The marquee and wedding specialists at CQ Party Hire, are here to help.

Central Queensland is blessed with beautiful weather from April through to November. It’s no wonder that companies such as CQ Party Hire have marquee weddings booked every weekend solid through those months. We recommend booking at least 6-12 months in advance to ensure availability.

CQ Party Hire’s 10m span Pavilion Marquees are the most popular choice for weddings. They are made up of 10m x 3m increments (bays) and come in a variety of styles including clear, white or silk-lined roofs, and can be customised with or without walls or draping to suit the weather and your vision.

Before you start planning your marquee wedding there are three things you’ll need to work out first:

  • How many guests?
  • The style of your event (sit down or cocktail style)
  • The space available at the venue

A good starting point is to allow 1m2 per person for the number of guests at your wedding. You’ll then need to add more bays depending on what aspects of the wedding you want inside the marquee. Do you require a bridal table? Will there need to be space for a bar or dancefloor? Will your caterers need room for a buffet?

Once these aspects have been decided, your vendor will be able to create a scale floorplan, to help you visualize the set up. You’ll need to consider your furniture choices, such as round or long tables, or how the cocktail furniture would be laid out inside the marquee.

For a sit-down meal for 100 guests including bridal table, dancefloor, buffet and bar inside the marquee, the event specialists at CQ Party Hire would recommend a (minimum) 10m x 21m marquee. However you could decrease the size of your marquee and save some dollars by positioning aspects of your wedding outside such as the dancefloor, musicians/DJ, and bar.

Nothing sets the mood for your wedding quite like lighting and is an important consideration for your wedding. From sparkling fairy lights in the marquee to ambient festoon lighting around the dancefloor, the right lighting can carry out your style and create an unforgettable experience.

Some of the other important (but sometimes overlooked) items you’ll need to consider include power generators, portable toilets, coldrooms, kitchens, back of house lighting and rubbish bins. Marquees need to be set up on reasonably flat ground, and most vendors will be happy to arrange a site meeting prior (or at a minimum request you supply them with photos if out of town). You’ll also need to discuss with them set up day (usually Thursday prior to a Saturday Wedding) and when they will pack up the marquee. Most vendors such as florists and decorators will have access to set up their elements on the Friday and Saturday prior to the wedding.

Marquee weddings allow a lot of flexibility and creativity and can be tailored to suit all budgets. If you’d like to organise a time to discuss and start planning a marquee wedding, visit the event specialists at CQ Party Hire at 148-154 William St Rockhampton or phone 0749 27 97 87.


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